Worry or Not to Worry

As I woke this morning, I went through my morning routine, thoughtless of anything but what I needed to last till the next paycheck. I first went to the restroom, my thoughts were, I wonder if I have enough toilet paper for the rest of the month. As I went into the kitchen to make breakfast, I thought what meals will I need to make with the supplies I have, without going to the store. As I got dressed, I wondered if the laundry soap was going to last and if we were going to have enough sunny days to hang out the laundry. These are real worries I had. I haven’t been awake for an hour yet. I’m the type of person to spend hours trying to figure out how things can be fixed, but only a few minutes of prayers. I know there are very few people who never had to worry about provision. I know it is a very human nature and a Mother’s nature to worry. We also know that the Bible has a ton of verses on the topic…but does that stops us from worrying.

I struggle in this area. I’m not writing this because I’m trying to be spiritual and I’m preaching to myself. These are my real worries, this is a moment by moment struggle for me. I worry about Elizabeth’s safety, Suzanne’s feeds and health, Wesley’s driving, etc… I get so worried my voice becomes high pitched, break into tears, talk and think of nothing else, even get a headache, I become depressed. It is no longer just a thought of worry but now it is a physical worry. When I’m physically sick of worry it effects my spiritual thoughts. I stop praising God for the things He had previously provided. I stop thanking God for the things He currently provides. I lose hope in His promised provisions. My faith and trust in the God that sent His Son to be my Savior, has lowered.

Now let me tell you how I get beyond worry. First, I pray that God would not only take my worries away but give me peace in trusting Him. I’m reminded of memory verses and start reading scriptures on God’s providing. Second, I thank the Lord for his present provisions. This is a moment of moment gratitude. I thanked the Lord that Suzanna’s meals were already provided! That it was sunny this morning so I could hang out laundry and that I didn’t need to take them to be dried. I thanked Him for providing us a warm comfortable apartment. I try to think of as many things as possible to thank Him for. I start praising Him for things he had previously provided. I praise God for the safety He allowed us to have in our travels, even to the shops. I praise Him for providing us with support from churches each month. I praise God for the health and safety He has given us over the last years. Thirdly, after all this I can not help but start singing…poor neighbors…lol.

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” – Philippians 4:6


3 thoughts on “Worry or Not to Worry

  1. Great Thoughts! When we are so focused on the physical things for this moment, its so hard to rejoice and praise God for the things he HAS done for us in the past and to trust him for our future needs. Thanks, I needed this 😊

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